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Fast & Easy Real Estate Loans in Atlanta

The real estate landscape in Atlanta offers developers, investors, and property owners promising opportunities. From sleek commercial buildings that sculpt the skyline to serene residential sanctuaries, the potential in Metro Atlanta's property development sector is undeniably vast. But every promising venture comes with challenges, requiring the right financial backing to succeed. That’s where Malve Capital steps in, providing tailored lending solutions for your real estate ventures. 

Whether you are developing a commercial project, flipping houses, or looking to add to your property portfolio, we can help. When you meet with us, we will take the time to understand your objectives and develop a customized lending solution. We offer a full suite of loan programs for all stages of real estate projects from start to finish. Call us today to start turning real estate dreams into reality.

What Sets Us Apart

Choosing the right financial partner is a pivotal decision in the property development journey. Malve Capital has a stellar reputation for trust, reliability, and expertise in this dynamic market. Our lending professionals have a deep understanding of Atlanta's real estate dynamics. We have witnessed the region’s evolution, making us uniquely qualified to offer advice grounded in experience and foresight.

Unlike traditional lenders, we offer flexible lending solutions, recognizing that each project is unique and requires a customized approach. And we know that time is money in the fast-paced real estate sector. Our streamlined processes ensure that funds are disbursed swiftly, ensuring you can move ahead without undue delays.

Above all, we offer informed guidance and an exceptional level of personal service. We keep our clients in the loop, ensuring clarity every step of the way. You can depend on our team of seasoned industry experts to offer invaluable insights, guiding your project toward success.

Malve Capital Offers Innovative Lending Programs 

Malve Capital’s commitment to fostering Atlanta's real estate development is evident in our diverse loan offerings:

Asset-Based Loans

Unlike conventional loans that heavily weigh credit scores, asset-based loans look to the value of the real estate assets. This means your property or properties act as the collateral. Since it's based on asset value, borrowers often get access to higher loan amounts. Asset-based loans are ideal for those with a less-than-perfect credit score but substantial real estate assets.

Construction Loans

Tailored for ground-up projects, these loans provide capital in stages as the construction progresses. Under this so-called “draw system,” funds are released in stages, ensuring projects stay on budget. Borrowers pay only the interest during the construction phase, and the loan can often be refinanced to a long-term loan after construction is complete.

Bridge Loans

These loans are perfect for those who need to close gaps between real estate transactions. The approval process is faster than a traditional loan, giving borrowers quick access to capital. This is a short-term solution (typically lasting from 3 months to a year), helping bridge the financial gap. Bridge loans can be used for various purposes, from awaiting sales proceeds to securing a property quickly.

Fix and Flip Loans

For property entrepreneurs looking to renovate and quickly sell for a profit, fix and flip loans feature fast approval, getting the funds you need promptly to snag that ideal property. At Malve Capital, we offer flexible loan amounts, allowing you to borrow what you need for both purchase and renovation.

Ground-Up Loans

For projects starting from scratch, ground-up loans cover a broad spectrum of construction costs. Financing extends from land acquisition to construction and funds are disbursed as the project hits certain milestones, ensuring financial discipline. Given the varied nature of ground-up projects, terms can be adjusted based on project specifics.

Refinance Loans

Whether restructuring debt or freeing up cash, refinance loans allow you to extract equity from your property, providing liquidity for other investments or needs. Our refinance programs offer extended terms, reducing monthly payments. 

At Malve Capital, we're committed to ensuring each loan is more than just a transaction; it's a partnership based on mutual success.

Types of Properties We Fund in Atlanta

We offer funding for all types of development projects in the Metro Atlanta area:

  • Residential – Single-family homes, townhouses, and condominiums
  • Multifamily – Apartment buildings and residential complexes
  • Mixed-use – Properties that combine residential and commercial space
  • Commercial – Office buildings, retail centers, and industrial facilities

You can depend on our team to help you meet your development benchmarks and achieve your objectives in the real estate market. 

Call Malve Capital For All Your Atlanta Real Estate Financing Needs

Every ambitious blueprint requires a solid foundation. Turn to Malve Capital to finance your next real estate venture. Contact us today, and let's build Atlanta's future together, one property at a time.